Is Life Just a ‘Game’?

Is life just a ‘game’?
You went born then you started your first kindy garden, your primary school, high school, and then now college. You’re now thinking about your future, thinking when getting married, thinking what job will you get, what house will be. After you get married, you’re thinking about your children, waiting for grandchild, and soon died….

Is life just a ‘game’?
You think after good deeds to other people, you’ll be saved after death?
You think all good deeds will be accepted by Allah. You think that EASY!?
How many times you remember of your own lord when alone and crowded?
Did you make sure that every good deed were based on your holy book?
or you just follow other’s way good deeds and think it’s all okay to do it because of humanity, not from your holy book, that you said as a purpose of your life?
Did you make sure that every good deed started by aim just for Allah?
Did you? or because of others? Shame you.
Again, will that make your lord accepted all of your good deeds?
Is life just a game?
You may start to read again on your own holy book (Al-Qur’an), listen carefully to the Islamic scholars, and you’ll find how to fix all of this big problem of all problem…
26 Sept ’15 10.00 pm

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